36 different shells. An entire show within itself!
It’s a fast mover and a delight for your holiday show!
This kit is a 12-shell, twin tube style with shells rising to 125 feet and exploding […]
12 SHELL MORTAR KIT This new Shelton-designed mortar kit just arrived in early June, 2003. 12 […]
This mortar box comes with 8 Quin shells in it. Each will make 5 aerial burst […]
This new mad hornet mortar kit has 8 shells with each producing 5 aerial breaks of […]
60 Shells that will make your crowd clap with joy. A great show!
Contains 6 shells which are all triples and you get 18 aerial bursts from them. Each […]
6-SHELL MORTAR BOX You will find 6 shells, all of which are different and you will […]
Just what the name implies – you get 6 shells each with 4 bursts on them […]