6 shells all with tails on them in this Shelton fireworks exclusive. Each shell will have […]
El-Torro has come up with this smaller size mortar kit for the customers who want to […]
Combat Commando presents this exclusive with Shelton fireworks. It is a parachute flare mortar kit containing […]
The Mobster comes with 6 shells. On each shell you’ll get rising tails with 6 different […]
The green box has a crackling effect added to its 6-color shells.
The red box has a whistling effect added to its 6 color shells. 
The Black Box Mad Hornet Artillery Mortar Kit has assorted colors in its 6 shells. On […]
A 6-canister mortar featuring 2 red, white, & blue; 2 red to crackling chrysanthemum; and 2 […]
each of its shells are different. You won’t see the same thing twice. It’s a whole […]
Kit comes with 10 shells, each have triple breaks on them and two firing tubes. Each […]