This history of Shelton’s Fireworks, LLC

Established in 1975

Greg Shelton began Shelton Fireworks, LLC at age 19 back in 1975 with a 4×8 foot stand at the edge of his hometown of  Chillicothe, Missouri. His youngest brother, Scott, was 10 years old and wanted to go out and mind the stand for his brother. Tallpaul (dad) then became involved because he tagged along with Scott. Pictured at right: Shelton boys in 1965. Left to right: Greg, Scott, and Gary. 

Greg’s expansion started after his graduation from college in 1978. He built three Missouri warehouses in 1978-79 & 81. In 1992, Greg started his Indiana expansion with his first effort at Fremont. Son, Scott went to manage Fremont and now has 45 years experience selling fireworks at the tender age of 55. Tallpaul has spent the season with Scott over the past 20 years. In the early 2000s, Greg built warehouses at Fair Play, and Blacksburg, South Carolina. Alabama was next at Robertsdale and Cusseta.

Son, Gary, manages the biggest Shelton warehouse at Exit 22B, Interstate 94, Porter, Indiana, which was built in 1993. At this time, Greg has 14 warehouses in Missouri, Indiana, South Carolina and Alabama. Tallpaul & Hazel like to go to Robertsdale, Alabama, for its big show on New Years Eve. The crowd really shows up for their celebration supplies. Greg has made several trips to China over the years as a majority of our fireworks come directly over to the U.S. on containers from China.

Enjoy the best fireworks and service  at Shelton’s Fireworks, LLC

Shelton Fireworks, LLC operates 14 retail warehouses which have the largest selection of consumer 1.4G fireworks. Bring your camera and record your shopping trip for the entire family! Plenty of parking space for our trucker friends. Our volume is based on largest selection and pricing below others. Sorry – mail orders not available.

Shelton’s has many kinds of bottle rockets, missiles, aerial rockets, firecrackers, multi-firers, sparklers, roman candles, aerial displays and the entire 1.4 gram fireworks classification. You can expect a memorable shopping experience. We carry 200 various kinds of multi-firers that shoot up 50 to 70 feet. Lots of ground spinners and fountains available to entertain you. We carry more than 70 of the 500 gram grand finales in our inventories and you can see some of them on our  special recommendations pages.

You can also buy assorted bags and boxes of fireworks ranging from $10 to $195 if you are in a hurry, or push a cart and make up your own purchase.