30 shots of (1) 2 sides: white strobe/red bouquet, middle: 3’s red tail with blue pearl/red leaves, (2) 2 sides: green strobe/purple bouquet, middle: 3’s blue tail crackling silver coco/golden rain; (3) 2 sides: blue crackling bouquets, middle: 3’s comet tail with blue pearl and white strobe willow; (4) 2 sides: green pearl/golden rain flower, middle: 3’s red tail to red coco; (5) 2 sides: color pearl/cracker bouquet, middle: 3’s mine with whistler; (6) 2 sides: crackling pearl/white strobe bouquet, middle: 3’s green tail to green chrysanthemum ball. Incredible fan-shaped effects, every 3 shots go up in a W-shape, assorted effects. 0



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