The Black Box Mad Hornet Artillery Mortar Kit has assorted colors in its 6 shells. On all these mortar kits, we advise that the first thing you do is to block the base with anything handy so that there is no chance of the wind blowing the tube over. Next, we advise that you unwind the fuse from the shell and drop the shell in the tube with the fuse coming out of the top of the tube. Next, gently pull the fuse once to be sure that the shell is not stuck in the tube. Then, you can light the fuse at the top of the tube and get back. The shell will go up 125 feet and explode into color. This holds true for all our mortar kits and that is why we want you to handle them safely. NEVER, NEVER, TRY TO SHOOT MORE THAN ONE SHELL AT A TIME.



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