Shelton Firework’s 36-inch long colored sparkler changes colors. Comes 36 in the box. 
Our giant 5-minute white colored smoke bomb. It looks big and it performs that way. It […]
Colored sparklers designed for Shelton’s to enhance your burning time. Well received by the customers for […]
A favorite with their color changing ability  $16.95 gross
The El Torro color changing Glitter Torches are well received by the families for the wooden […]
The Alien Smoke Balls come in white or colored and are family favorites for the kiddies […]
The Gold sparklers are one of Mad Hornet’s economy model and are enjoyable for the whole […]
One of Mad Hornet’s economy model and enjoyable for the whole family.
MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER 36-inch long torches with silver sparkles $12.95 dzn EL TORRO 28-inch sparklers in gold […]