ll 3 of these Shelton exclusives roman candles are in the popular 10-ball size. ELECTROFIRE has […]
This 10-ball candle will shoot up to 80 feet and is a heavy candle worthy of […]
Paint Sticks 10 shots; Blue Horse Fire Balls 10 shots; and Crackling Thunder Balls 10 shots […]
The 4 candles in this photograph are all new El-Torro models. These are very heavy candles […]
This 10-ball candle has an added attraction of bangs with its colors.
Another version of the 10-ball roman candle that will give you a good performance with its […]
You will enjoy seeing this one go off 30 times with red, green and gold balls […]
The Red Dragon and Green Dragon each shoot 10 balls with their color as specified on […]
This lively performer will show you on each of its 4 candles: 1. Red whistling tail […]
These heavy candles will do you a good job with their colors. The alien whistling horror […]