Home run derby by Mad Hornet shoots 19 shots of fiery parachutes with red, green, and […]
Shoots up a colored parachute 70 feet and the chute opens with a sky diver replica. […]
This tube shoots up 75 feet with its parachute then coming out and drifts earthward with […]
7 shots of parachutes, colorful stars and bangs.
The parachutes will go 70 feet high and make a bang as they explode into the […]
The PIRATE CHUTES have a stringer with 10 flags fluttering as it drops to earth from […]
The Mad Hornet PARA XTREME CHUTE is one that shoots up 70 feet with its giant […]
SQUIRRELY CHUTES $44.95 This is the father of the 37-shot son and fires 61-shot each of […]
FLAG CHUTE Mad Hornet’s new offering in budget saving chute that shoot up 40 feet and […]
A very large and heavy finale that puts up red, gold, and green spinners that turn […]