MINI MIGHT is engineered for fun with assorted special effects.$5.99 pkg TIGER BLOOM colored rockets – […]
Mad Hornet’s 125-foot special effects rocket that has a bright pearl and noise when it explodes. […]
This rocket will fly 200 feet and burst into a blue colored pattern. A Mad Hornet […]
These rockets go 200 feet high and will explode into large purple bursts. A very enjoyable […]
This high performance rocket will rise to 175 feet and you will see these effects: green […]
Emerald, ruby, aerial streak and floral represent the 4 different colors found in these high fliers. […]
8 ounces and flies 250 feet with a great burst of color at its zenith. $2.59 […]
Both of these great Mad Hornet missiles will shoot up to 150 feet from the launch […]
Shelton’s offers Storm, Fire Shark, Tiger Bloom and Dandy Dino each with a different color explosion […]
This is one of the many special effects rockets that Shelton’s inventory for your pleasure. It […]