METEOR SHOWERS Mad Hornet’s 9 shots of whistling gold and silver swirling tail with crackling. Price: […]
BUTTERFLY GARDEN A 7-shot Mad Hornet product made exclusively for Shelton Fireworks to accommodate our budget […]
By Alien, fires 9 shots of red and purple stars from its 10″ tall firing tubes. […]
This Mobster brand original fires 9 shots from its large (1-inch) tubes of green and red […]
Scotty Says “Tryin’ to make a livin’” specifically designed with the rigors of the work day […]
A 16- shot multi-firer is chosen for one of your grand finales. It has red, green […]
Our 16-shot exploding gold stars at 70 feel elevation with bangs. A great addition to your […]
Super 19-shot multi-firer with rising titanium tails which change to dragon eggs at 70 foot elevation […]
This is a 9-shot multi-firer that will give you colorful spinning pearls as they go upward […]
19 shots of whirling aerial spinners with multi-colored breaks.