Fires 7 shots oif alternating silver and whistling tails to strobes, colorful chrysanthemums, glittering and ending […]
Fires 7 shots of alternating whistling and  silver tails to colorful peonies and chrysanthemums, strobing, gold […]
This canister fires 7 shots of alternating silver and whistling tails to colorful glittering, assorted bouquets […]
78 shots of a combination of different sizes and different positioned multiple shots. 12 assorted colors […]
196 shots of an exciting assortment of red and green stars with big bangs and whistles.
188 rapid fire shots of noise, red, green, & gold colors. “A Mountie always gets his […]
Andrew Jackson, 7th president 1829-1837; OLD HICKORY says 121 rapid shots with red white and blue. […]
7 shots of double rings, noise and fabulous colors.
15 shots all gold, 500 gram grand finale; great breaks.
A 119-shot grand finale which cites the Gettysburg address where Abe said “four score and seven […]