Shelton’s own design of the best known lady fingers engineered for a great pop. We shoot […]
“They’re big, loud, and fightin’ mean” describes this Shelton exclusive. You can get them in bricks […]
Another choice Shelton’s has designed for your firecracker pleasure with its descriptive logo: “IT”S SO LOUD […]
This specialty firecracker was made exclusively for Shelton Fireworks and it’s logo says: “A SURE BET […]
Warpath crackers with its logo, “A BIG CHOP MORE POP” describes these great firecrackers which were […]
Brick prices: 40 x 12 with several brick sizes to choose from starting at $8.89 up […]
Alien Star Bomb Firecracker Roll containing 8,000 bangs with its logo, “A BANG THAT IS OUT […]
Mad Hornet firecrackers also come in brick sizes: 40 x 12, 5×300 40×50
At Shelton Fireworks you can get a roll of Mad Hornet firecrackers in these sizes up […]
Shelton Fireworks introduced this great new firecracker during the 2000 season and it met with great […]