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SHELTON FIREWORKS - Eagleville, Missouri
Pictured at right: Troy Stanley, Warehouse Manager

Phone: 1-660-867-3354


  • Memorial Weekend-June 19 - Open 8am-9pm

  • June 20-June 28 - Open 8am-10pm

  • June 29-July 3 - Open 8am-12am(midnight)

  • July 4-September 4 - Open 8am-9pm

Location: Located 90 miles south of Des Moines, Exit 106 - SE corner of I-35 at Rt. N. - 350 miles south of Minneapolis, 106 miles north of Kansas City, and only 13 miles south of Iowa.

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Eagleville warehouse full front view. The tower can be seen for three miles in 
each direction from the Interstate. It is 65' tall.

Greg Shelton, Owner and Founder

Semi unloading new fireworks in front tower. East side of warehouse and outer road leading to parking lot.
West wing with Interstate 20' below. The old Eagleville warehouse burned to the ground
on December 13, 2006... looking across from west side of I35.

Old Eagleville warehouse... looking down from east side.
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