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WesSHELTON FIREWORKS - Richmond, Indiana
Pictured at right: Wes Snedigar, General Manager (Click photo to enlarge.)

6401 National Road East
Richmond, IN 47374

Phone: 1-937-437-5214

Hours: Call ahead if your running late, we'll wait.

  • Jan-Feb: 9 to 5

  • March-April: 9 to 6

  • May-June 26: 9 to 9

  • June 27 thru July 4: 9 to midnight

  • July 5-Aug: 9 to 9

  • Sept-Nov: 9 to 7

  • Dec: 9 to 9

This location opened Memorial Day, 1997. 

Location: Exit 156-B, I-70. Located on the northeast corner, it is right on the state line between Indiana and Ohio, 106 miles west of Columbus Ohio; 40 miles west of Dayton; 60 miles north of Cincinnati; and 60 miles east of Indianapolis.

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Richmond Warehouse

Freddy Firecracker costume worn in parades

Open Sign

Customer Service Center

Expansion of the giant Richmond Indiana warehouse

Hazel Shelton, mother of owner Greg Shelton, in front parking lot

Tallpaul Shelton, father of owner, with Travis and Matt

Front Doors